8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back


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8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back: Natural Posture Solutions for Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Foot is a book written by Esther Gokhale detailing what she has learned from her research regarding back pain. The information presented in the book summarizes what she has found out from the various places that she went to like Burkina Faso, Portugal, and some fishing villages in Brazil. Her observations of the movements of weavers, millers, farmers, and traditional societies unveiled to her that ancient knowledge about the body can be very helpful in preventing pain and improving health conditions.

Readers who liked the book found the clear description of correct postures and alignments and the complementary photos very helpful. Also, exercises indicated were very simple and could easily be done everyday. In addition, some claims were regarding the effectivity of the methods written in the book in aiding the other parts of the body like the hip, knee, and feet. People were also delighted with the troubleshooting guides that accompanied each chapter. Furthermore, the instructions for each routine indicated were detailed and signs that a reader is overexerting himself while doing the routines were indicated. Lastly, Esther Gokhale had shown back-pain sufferers how proper posture alone could ease the pain that they felt.

People who did not like the book thought that it contained too little information and the photos and diagrams only served as fillers. For some, they claimed that the book did not help them at all or it just made their conditions worse. There were some who thought there were better books than that was written by Gokhale. Electronically, people who purchased the book on their Kindles complained how the book’s default display on their gadget’s screens could not be modified.


Some professionals and authors of health books have positive thoughts regarding Esther Gokhale’s book. J.M. Coetzee thought that the book gave a very accurate description of how the human spine works and how learning to properly stand, sit, walk, and sleep can be very helpful in relieving back pain. Medical professionals highly recognized the book’s thoroughness and its great potential in the medical community where it can be used as an alternative to grave back surgeries.

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