Healing Back Pain


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Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection by John E. Sarno is a book that helps people in easing their back pain without necessarily taking medications or undergoing any kind of surgery. Using his research on Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), Dr. Sarno comes up with a way of identifying stress and other physiological factors that may cause back pain. He also tells in his book how people can ease back pain on their own. Furthermore, people will find out in the book how people afflicted with TMS can trace their pain back to emotional factors and how such connection between the mind and the physical pain felt by the body can be cut off.

People who liked the book claimed that it had helped them in alleviating not only their back pain but other body pains as well. Other saw how the methods described the book guided them to full recovery from pain even though some had taken awhile to be pain free. For some, the book made them to look at their life and problems differently and this had led them to address their pain in a more effective way. Basically, the most important thing that the book had given to this people was the key to understanding their pain completely and how they could properly address this with the right mind-set.

Readers who disliked reading the book claimed that the book had not helped them in alleviating their pain at all. Some argued that any kind of pain could not be attributed to repressed emotions alone. Other specifically pointed out that it couldn’t be just TMS alone which people should look out for. For some, they thought that buying the book was a complete waste of money.


Joan Price thinks that Healing Back Pain aim is to let the readers know that mental baggage can cause a real physical disorder that focuses on the back, neck, shoulders, buttocks, and limbs. According to her, the book explains that an injury might have been the trigger for a particular pain to occur but the intensity of the pain could not necessarily be attributed to it. However, as the books provides enough information on addressing pain, she still recommends that chronic or acute back pain must still be checked by a medical professional.

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