Treat Your Own Back


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Treat Your Own Back 9th Ed provides the reader over 100 pages of educational and clinically-proven exercises to relieve back pain. The book has been read by thousands of people to alleviate low back and neck pain. Along with the self-help exercises, it also provides information regarding the causes and treatments of such kind of pain.
A lot of people found the book helpful in eliminating their back pain. They noted how the book showed how posture could affect a person’s back. Some find the book very effective even though the exercises mentioned on its pages are very simple. In addition, people also found out the relationship of some parts of the body in conveying back pain to a person and the images and diagrams illustrated in the book also proved to be helpful. A lot of people suffering from spine and disc problems benefitted from the exercises indicated in the book as well.
People who disliked the book thought that the contained little information or it did not help them get rid of their back pain. For some, they found that the exercises mentioned in the book were too simple and they could simply searched on the internet. Furthermore, some customers thought that the information they read on the book were just facts that the most common people already know.

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