Marijuana For Back Pain

New York Knicks Phil Jackson Uses Medical Marijuana For Back

Given the multitude of alternatives for treating back pain, it is not impossible that people try some of them. One particular example is New York Knicks president Phil Jackson, who claimed using marijuana for alleviating his problem in back pain.

Jackson underwent back surgery in 1969–1970 campaign. During that time, his injury caused him to miss participating in entire season. While recovering from his surgery, Jackson said that marijuana served as pain reliever though he never considered the plant as part of his medication.

Recently, issues on marijuana and its use in pain relief recently arose because of Golden State Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, who also used marijuana for managing his chronic back pain.

Meanwhile, compared with claims made by Jackson, Kerr stated that marijuana did nothing to relieve his back pain. However, he greatly believes that players should be taught regarding discipline of using marijuana as pain reliever.

Jackson claims that actions have been taken to stop marijuana use. However, decision has still needs to be made on whether players who use the product should be punished.

The situation has become a bit more complicated because several states have now legalized marijuana use. Moreover, there are test protocols that are strictly implemented in NBA, so most coaches and other members of the league are arguing regarding the law that must be followed within their organization. Still, they believe that in the near future, a certain decision must be made regarding marijuana use of NBA players.

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