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A Comparison Of Alternative Medicine To Known Medical Drugs

Experience of pain, trauma, and certain injuries normally force people to seek medication for their pain. However, there are cases when doctors resort alternative forms of pain management and decide to prescribe to their patients cheaper medications.

Sone well-known pain management practices include acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, neural stimulation, massage therapy, surgical intervention and other procedures which are specific for management or treatment of chronic pain. A number of doctors address pain issues of their patients by focusing on pain causes instead of providing short-term treatments.

The most common sites afflicted by chronic pain are the back, neck, shoulders, head, and the joints, especially in cases of degenerative joint disease. Meanwhile, muscles are more susceptible to pain in cases of fibromyalgia. Chronic pain is pain condition that afflicts a person for more than size months. Moreover, such pain is more general and cannot be linked to just one injury or trauma.

When treating patients with chronic pain, doctors should be quite honest regarding possible risks of taking medicines that they prescribe to their patients. Moreover, medical professionals should properly advise sick individuals when to stop lessening the amount or completely stop taking their prescribed medications. Monitoring medication intake of patients is important to avoid causing addiction. In cases of people taking oxycodone, when they become addicted to the drug, they may resort to using heroin when their doctors cease providing them with prescriptions.

Meanwhile, some doctors practice the habit of using alternative drugs for nerve-based pain to lessen risk for addiction of their patients. For example, patients taking gabatentin or neurontin, lyrica, or symbalta are less prone to being addicted compared when patients are prescribed with stronger counterparts of such drugs.

On the other hand, when patients seek treatment for their pain, they expect doctors to completely eliminate their pain problems after their consultation. However, the main task of physicians is to aid their clients in managing daily tasks while minimizing or relieving a portion of the pain that they feel.

That is why there are some doctors who advise their patients to exercise to remedy their pain. Physical activities aid in alleviating pain by strengthening surrounding muscles. However, people should allow some time to pass before they start noticing positive effects of engaging in physical exercises.

In addition, it is also important that doctors motivate their patients to stick to their pain management plan. As long as they stick to the plan, patients will soon be able to perform certain tasks without necessarily feeling too much pain. Though these tasks may seem simple to a normal person, accomplishing with less pain as possible is a great achievement for people suffering from chronic pain.

One example of method used for pain management is aquatic physical therapy, and a number of people benefitted from this procedure through increase in their mobility. Aquatic physical therapy is conducted in pools, where people feel more free performing physical movements because of the decreased pressure on their joints and within when they are submerged in water. In this type of therapy, doctors try out with their patients various techniques and determine which approach works best for them.

According to Tara Welty, a licensed acupuncturist, pain management is one way of addressing holistically people’s health. She claims that only people in the US have zero pain expectation, and this means that Americans have unusual standards when it comes to pain medication. In fact, they tend to think that their doctors will just pay actual attention to them when their pain level is beyond the scale of three.

On the other hand, when prescribing intervention-based therapeutic treatments, insurance is a great determining factor. Doctors realize the uselessness of prescribing effective treatments for patients whose insurance does not cover such procedures. Thus, it has become a great issue that insurance poses some restrictions regarding proper treatment for patients.

Meanwhile, some doctors find it hard to take insurance, especially when it seems that the government and health care system are more profit-oriented than health oriented.

As for patients suffering from chronic pain, some have already tried acupuncture as the treatment is one way of inhibiting use of prescriptions drugs, such as Vicodin, for management of chronic back pain. Some patients decided to undergo acupuncture, especially when their medications, such as naproxen, were ineffective in alleviating their pain. There are cases when people could not handle the pain on their body not until needles were used penetrate trigger points in specific trigger points, such as those in the feet.

Meanwhile, some patients had problems with their insurance companies, of which some do not cover alternative treatments. For instance, having an appointment with chiropractor is considered cosmetic need and not a medical one. Thus, in some cases, people resort to exercising at YMCA just so they can maintain the health and strength of their bodies.

Other chronic-pain sufferers opted to forego taking prescribed medications because of their negative side effects. For instance, some people felt worse after suffering from side effects of their medications. Thus, they opted to seek other treatment forms, such as those offered by chiropractors to alleviate their pain. In this case, being mindful of their diet is important. Patients of chiropractor are encouraged to eat food that enhance anti-inflammatory actions of their bodies.

Given the problem in opioid and opiate addiction caused by taking prescribed pain medications, more and more experts are hoping that people will finally realize the importance of prevention and intervention in alleviating and treating pain.

Thus, in addressing the problem of chronic pain, a number of people should be involved. Physicians as well as physical and behavioral therapists should collaborate with one another and prioritize patient health when developing treatment or management program.

Meanwhile, abuse of pharmaceutical systems is another issue faced by people who are seeking medical attention for their pain. It is better if doctors gain an audience in front of board of pharmaceutical companies. Doctors can then ask for reports that can help them identify patients who are prescribed with controlled substances. This way, they can prevent other physicians from giving their patients multiple prescriptions of certain drugs.

For those who want to learn more about pain management, they can ask their physicians regarding the following:

  • Physical therapy

  • Acupuncture

  • Neural stimulation

  • Surgical intervention

  • Psychiatric therapy

  • Yoga

  • Massage therapy

  • Aromatherapy

Meanwhile, people should be also aware of some medications with potential addictive effects:

  • Valium

  • Xanax

  • Opioids

  • Benzodiazepines

  • Oxycodone

  • Klonopin

  • Demerol

  • Percodan

  • Davrocet