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New Procedures No Longer Require A Hospital Stay


At least 31 million Americans are prone to having back pain. Pain or numbness in the back results from problem in discs in the spine; these discs are situated between vertebrae and act as shock absorbers.

With this problem, a new technique is developed to ensure quick relief in patients experiencing back pain.

One patient, Michael Ryan, is a competitive biker, and his passion for biking helped in keeping off the 50 pounds of weight that he lost. The man believes his extreme desire to exercise with all the extra weight that he had greatly contributed to his present condition.

A few year ago, Ryan started experiencing sharp pains in his back; his legs and feet also felt numbness. It turned out that he developed a degenerative disc disease.

In most cases, Ryan would have been advised to undergo a major back surgery, but such procedure would limit his mobility.

However, thanks to Dr. Charles Edwards, there was some hope. The doctor recommended microscopic lumbar decompression, wherein instead of making a large incision, only a one-inch incision would be made on Ryan’s back.

In the procedure, Edwards dissected the muscles over the concerned area in the spin in order to view the nerves properly. Afterward, he removed a portion of the disc that was pressing the nerves to free them.

After the surgery, pain and numbness from Ryan’s leg vanished right away.

Then, a month after his treatment, Ryan started running again. He even managed to participate in Ironman Triathlon a couple of years later and qualified for the world championships.

Ryan was very grateful that he went through the procedure.

At present, most doctors still prefer using conservative methods to treat back pain. However, when medications and physical therapy are ineffective, then a patient may be asked to undergo spinal decompression surgery. Normally, decompression surgery does not require patients to stay in the hospital.

Surgery is expensive and risky and doesn’t always provide patients with the results they are looking for.  you should exhaust every possible option first.  Physical therapy does help most people and in a lot of cases a Chiropractor in Las Vegas or any major city can help